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potential mobile game

In games, GIMP on December 26, 2011 at 7:09 pm

I’m thinking about programming a mobile platform game with a drag-and-drop game development software called “GameSalad”. It will be designed to be very complex, and therefore very challenging. I will use GIMP to create the graphics for this game. What do you guys think? Here are some power-up ideas:

1) Bomb – you can throw small bombs (which activate switches and destroy enemies)

2) Plant – you can create tree platforms to stand on/ you can use photosynthesis if in a light beam (another special item) to gain health

3) Bat – flight ; can reveal enemies in Shadows(this might feature in a cave level)

4) Rhino – invincibility to Plant, Robotic, and Beast enemies ; faster walking

5) Battery – can overload robotic enemies’ circuitry, causing them to explode on contact with you!

6) Polar Bear – immunity to cold water(which would otherwise kill you)

7) Shadow – you can pass through Bone Walls ; immunity to undead enemies.

8) Dragon – you can spit lava balls, which destroy Plant and robotic enemies.

Here are some enemy ideas:

1) Pebble – A little rock enemy. they walk back and forth. If you touch one, it turns red and gets angry. They can only hurt you if they’re angry. can only be killed with bombs.

2) Mono(spanish- “monkey”) – These blue monkey-like enemies are found mostly in jungle levels, and they throw banana peels. If you slip on a banana peel, then you loose a life.

3) Rollout – A small, knight-like armadillo enemy with spikes on it’s back. they can roll up into a ball and charge at you. It can’t be killed.

4) Blumé(german-“flower”) – Walking flowers that try to punch you. Can be killed by jumping on it.

5) Blob – Small, jelly-like enemies that roll around. Can be killed by jumping on them. They will hurt you if you run into them.

6) Drillborr(swedish-“drill”) – Small, tank-like robots that attack with a giant drill nose.

7) Skelethor – little skeletons with Thor helmets that shoot lightning.

8) Puff-Club – Round, mushroom-like creatures that attack by releasing toxic spore clouds. they can be killed by jumping on them.

Here are some item ideas:

1) Sunshine beams – If you step through this item while you have the plant power-up active, you can gain full health!

2) Bomb switches – Switches that can only be activated by tossing bombs at it.

3) Cold water – Water that is so cold it kills you, unless you have the Polar Bear power-up.

4) Skeleton wall – Columns made of bones. Can only be passed through if you have the Shadow power-up.

5) Shadow – Dark patches that hide enemies lurking inside of them, unless if you have the Bat power-up.

Some enemies are classified as robots or undead, here are some enemy classifications:

1) Robotic

2) Undead

3) Plant

4) Beast

There are many environments that this game’s levels take place in, here are some examples:

1) Jungle

2) Desert

3) Factory

4) Cave

5) Mountain

6) Forest in Autumn

7) Volcano

8) Arctic

9) Graveyard

10) Tropical island


my very own website

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2011 at 1:11 am

I recently programmed my own game website. it’s called I hope you guys check it out…It might not look very pretty now, but i’m relatively new to HTML. Here’s the logo: