lava monster graphics

In games, GIMP on July 16, 2011 at 9:13 pm

in super mario galaxy 2, in the melty monster galaxy, there are two lava monster enemies. i thought it would be cool to use them in a game that i’ll program, but there aren’t any graphics of them online. so, i watched a video on youtube that features these lave monsters(in full screen). when the monsters appeared, i paused it and took a screenshot. i opened the screenshots on GIMP and edited them to create usable graphics for anyone who wants to use them…just give me credit for it.

here is a lava monster called a “magmaargh”. here, it is hiding in lava, waiting for mario to walk near it.

here is a magmaargh ready to attack mario.

here is another lava monster called a “magmaw”.


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